Sodablast Melbourne
50 Palmerston East Rd Ringwood Victoria 3134
Phone: 0418 808 671
Email: [email protected]


Sodablasting of a boot.
Sodablast nifty boom truck in Kilsyth.
Sodablast nifty boom truck in Kilsyth.
After sodablasting. NO damage to seals.
Interior Mustang fibreglass component. Remove paint without changing texture.
Remove paint from brake calipars - before
Remove paint leaving no profile.
After paint removed from calipar.
Interior Mustang fibreglass component. After Removing paint without changing texture.
Delicate removal of paint.
Healey Factory paint removal.
Before sodablasting of gas bottles.
Sodablasting of a filter, removing oil and grease.
Torana Hatchback.
Healey Factory - exterior paint removal.
After sodablasting of gas bottles. No flinting.
Before sodablasting
After sodablasting.
Ford Mustang Aliminium headlight bucket.
Finished. No profile a matching numbers car.
Joe Calleja Concourse winning Mustang.
Paint removal - exterior only.
Before paint removal on Aliminium.
After paint removal.
Sodablasting of bonnet.
Coleman Rail
Healey Factory
Metricon Homes
Baron Forge
Porter Davis Homes
Grand Tourer
Tarra Trams
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