Sodablast Melbourne
50 Palmerston East Rd Ringwood Victoria 3134
Phone: 0418 808 671
Email: [email protected]


Its Saturday arvo and i havent got time to come back because I told you so. I know ive done it pmsl
Pretty self explanatory. Wear a mask. We are doing drop and collect by appointment. Still here looking after our essential services. Stay safe and let's get this done Victoria
Anti foul removed.
Rotisserie for sale. Selling for Customer used for one built. $750
Anti foul removed. #marthacovemarina #sodablastringwood
This Wednesday. Back on deck Thursday. Cheers
A box to Dandenong. No room for a car #jcrestorations #kevthetowie
It's great to see your customers are happy. Have a great week everybody. #ringwoodsodablast #landrover #melbourne
Great sunday afternoon #thundersports #snaponringwood #penriteoil @victorian_door_automation #lockedonlocksmiths #sodablastringwood #mcgrafixandsigns
Brendan is really taking this virus serious. Air fed helmet #melbourne
Have to hate when you use booth coat and miss a bit. #camcoatings #ringwoodsodablast
Ok people. Please share. We are nearly at 300 followers. I'm trying to beat my wife's page. Lol Help me out share around. Triumph TR7 next in line #ringwoodsodablast #triumphtr7 #triumph
Practice session 1 round 1 did not go to plan at all. Lap 2 turn 9 starting to lean on it and smoke out the exhaust. We had to retire the car for the weekend. Its been a long journey with this 4agte to get the hp numbers but we lost reliability along the way. Doing the laps and finishing is what we are after. But the glass is half full. We still learnt alot out of our first round and cant wait for round 2 with a new engine combo#thundersports #ringwoodsodablast #victoriandoorautomation #penriteoil #penriteracing #[email protected] #lstheworld
Round 1 @thundersportsofficial here we come.#penriteoil #snapon_ringwood #victoriandoorautomation #lockedonlocksmiths #ringwoodsodablast
When ypur customer brings the bling to rotisserie mounting
#mcgrafixandsigns awesome job mate. Thank you
Nice bit of ink work uncovered today. #ringwoodsodablast #melbourne #ford #lisaghtaustraliasteel
From a great day with licensing going to plan, with the oil temps perfect thanks to @penriteracing @penriteoil and support of @snapon_official ringwood and @victorian_door_automation and a stop in town having a little girl want a pic with the car all in all it was a great day. Round 1 @thundersportsofficial and @winton_raceway coming up.
Got to love when the fire wall is runner coated to hide all the bog. It was a painful process but we got it
Our choice of products. Quality products for a quality result
With questions and answers comes more questions and answers
Happy Australia Day to all
So who's at the biggest car event of the year? Show us your pics. #summernats #streetmachines #ringwoodsodablast #australia
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