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Latest Photos

Next one in the booth
Next one in the booth
Another Healey chassis rolling in the booth
Chassis is dry with phosphoric acid.
Will be blasting late afternoon and priming straight away
V8 supercar discs
By hand , linish and deoxidine
Bolt hats back on
Ready to role
Rare lightweight Bentley chassis.
The body skins on the lightweights are skinned with canvas
Nice HQ coupe bonnet
Next one going in the booth today
Next one in the booth
Next one in the booth
Glue rollers done first thing this morning
Thank you too all my loyal customers.
Its been another busy year.
I hope you and your families have a safe and happy time over the festive season.
Thank you
Last healey for the year
Next one
Another front clip to blast
Im bored
Torana gone
Next on the booth
Cage complete
Off to Sam at Tek coat to be powdercoated
Things are getting crazy
Here we go
The big Christmas build up
Everything HAS to be done
Nice to see another car i blasted , way out and about.
Colins car is exceptional
Ready for pick up
Next one in the booth
Its a messy shell
However another coupe on the road is a big winner
Trailers finished painted in black Valspar poly two pack.
Direct to metal with built in primer
Next one going in
This is kool
Coleman Rail
Healey Factory
Metricon Homes
Baron Forge
Porter Davis Homes
Grand Tourer
Tarra Trams