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Latest Photos

Next on the booth
Cage complete Off to Sam at Tek coat to be powdercoated
Things are getting crazyHere we go The big Christmas build up Everything HAS to be done
Nice to see another car i blasted , way out and about.Colins car is exceptional
Ready for pick up
Next one in the boothIts a messy shellHowever another coupe on the road is a big winner
Trailers finished painted in black Valspar poly two pack.Direct to metal with built in primer
Next one going in
This is kool
Vespa body ready
Next one in!
Land cruiser body loaded and off for priming Unusual body modsCan anyone pick it ??
Next project ready to start
Next one just arrivedStraight into the booth Frantic Friday
Next one in the booth.All the fabricating is done with the acid etch.Re blast and prime in epoxy
WooohooooAnother one gone But its been replaced
Quick shuffleWe have one leaving Yeee haaarh
Fx bonnet the disaster continues.Hard deoxidine in my eyes this is a major mistake.I will go as far as to say i reckon after having to linish the roof twice with a fibre wheel, with a guide coat i reckon you might be able to pick up a small amount of roof frame from the inside.Remember fibre wheels remove metal making skins thinner.These skins should never ever be left like this.Now to try and not stretch the weakest bonnet Holden manufactured
All we need is some good weather to move these out of my workshop so more can arrive
What am i doing with this Paully
Another customer wanted to bring a Pontiac over today Busy shop this morning
Even blasted some stainless sinks.Ready now for powder coating.
Starting a new project.EH Holden sedan.Customer has stripped the roof.Now lets get it spotless ready for priming
Small parts morning before starting another body shell.
Bmw roof prepped and in the booth for garnet blasting.
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